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The problem with sugar

So are you sick of hearing about the evils of sugar?  Do you secretly wish Sarah Wilson was "exposed" by WHO magazine for being a closet Fanta fiend?  I know, I know, she's terribly virtuous...but I'm afraid to say the message is valid, profoundly important, and the science convincing.
And just in case there wasn't enough evidence, a systematic review and meta-analyis of 38 253 cases, published this week in the BMJ, demonstrates an unequivocal relationship between the habitual consumption of all sugary drinks (including fruit juice) with a 20% greater risk of developing type II diabetes, irrespective of adiposity (a scientific way of saying that it didn't matter if the people were skinny or fat, the risk of becoming diabetic was the same).
So the take home message is resounding: remove sources of simple sugars from your diet as much as possible and enjoy them, as the cooke monster would say, as "sometimes foods". This includes soft drink, lollies, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, juice, artificially sweetened food and drink, so called natural sweeteners like honey and agave, beer, wine and spirits.
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