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    5 Mistakes Woman Make Trying To Get Rid Of Acne

  • A little about Rebecca

    Currently, Rebecca balances her clinical time with providing policy advice regarding natural medicine regulation.


    Having had acne for a few years Rebecca understands what the shame and embarrassment of what it can be like dealing with a chronic skin condition. At this time she wasn't given a lot of options and unfortunately went down the traditional medication path, dealing with the side effects of that, as well as discovering later the serious effects and potential risks these medications carry.


    She is passionate about providing options for people, no matter what they're dealing with, and works collaboratively with GPs, specialists, dermal /beauty therapists and other treating practitioners.


    Appointments can be conducted in clinic or by skype and phone. Please contact us to find the best option for you.


    If you are a practitioner seeking assistance with your own patients, Rebecca offers mentoring services. Please complete the contact form and we'll get back to you.

  • Experience

    In addition to private practice, Rebecca has previously regulated medicines at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and managed a Commonwealth funded project for the National Health and Medical Research Council to create clinical guidelines for health professionals. She has also peer-reviewed natural medicine academic texts prior to publication and authored chapters for the latest edition of the industry’s staple text Herbs & Natural Supplements, An Evidence Based Guide.

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